Alice Oseman

  • Ceci est l'histoire de deux lycéens.
    Nick, le rugbyman au sourire solaire.
    Charlie, le musicien au coeur solitaire.

    Parce qu'ils évoluent dans des cercles différents, parce qu'ils n'ont pas le même caractère, leur amitié n'était pas gagnée.

    Pourtant, petit à petit, de façon irrésistible, Charlie tombe amoureux.
    Même s'il sait que Nick aime les filles. Même s'il sait qu'il n'a aucune chance.
    Alors, pour ne pas mettre en péril cette amitié naissante qui compte pour lui plus que tout, Charlie préfère garder le silence...

  • Ceci est l'histoire de deux lycéens. Amis, puis petits amis, ils apprennent ensemble à affronter le regard des autres. Depuis que Nick a fait son coming out auprès de sa mère, Charlie et lui tentent de plus en plus de s'affirmer en tant que couple. Mais entre les cours et les examens, ils peinent à trouver le temps de se voir. Heureusement, le voyage scolaire arrive à grands pas! Et quoi de mieux qu'une excursion à Paris pour se retrouver entre amoureux ?

  • Voici l'histoire de deux lycéens.
    Deux amis qui ont appris à se connaître, à s'apprécier.
    Puis un baiser a tout fait basculer.

    Un baiser et Nick a paniqué.
    Il aime Charlie.
    Il veut être avec lui. Mais est-il prêt à affronter le regard des autres ?

    Cette question, il ne peut la résoudre seul.
    Heureusement, Charlie est à ses côtés.
    Et, ensemble, main dans la main, ils vont avancer.


    Alice Oseman

    The fourth novel from the phenomenally talented Alice Oseman - one of the most authentic and talked-about voices in contemporary YA. It was all sinking in. I''d never had a crush on anyone. No boys, no girls, not a single person I had evermet. What did that mean? Georgia has never been in love, never kissed anyone, never even had a crush - but as a fanfic-obsessed romantic she''s sure she''ll find her person one day. As she starts university with her best friends, Pip and Jason, in a whole new town far from home, Georgia''s ready to find romance, and with her outgoing roommate on her side and a place in the Shakespeare Society, her ''teenage dream'' is in sight. But when her romance plan wreaks havoc amongst her friends, Georgia ends up in her own comedy of errors, and she starts to question why love seems so easy for other people but not for her. With new terms thrown at her - asexual, aromantic - Georgia is more uncertain about her feelings than ever. Is she destined to remain loveless? Or has she been looking for the wrong thing all along? This wise, warm and witty story of identity and self-acceptance sees Alice Oseman on towering form as Georgia and her friends discover that true love isn''t limited to romance.

  • Anglais Heartstopper Volume One

    Alice Oseman

    • Hodder
    • 21 Novembre 2020

    Boy meets boy. Boys become friends. Boys fall in love. An LGBTQ+ graphic novel about life, love, and everything that happens in between - for fans of The Art of Being Normal, Holly Bourne and Love, Simon.

  • Silence radio

    Alice Oseman

    • Nathan
    • 8 Juin 2017

    Écoute ta propre voix...

    "Je suis Frances, Frances la sérieuse, la solitaire, la discrète. Je passe mon temps à étudier. J'ai un seul objectif : entrer à Cambridge après le bac.
    Je suis Frances, la vraie Frances. Je suis fascinée par le mystérieux Silence Radio et sa chaîne Youtube Universe City. J'aime rire et j'aime dessiner.
    Et puis je rencontre Aled. Avec lui, je peux enfin être moi. Avec lui, je vais enfin avoir le courage de trouver ce qui compte vraiment pour moi."


    Alice Oseman

    Boy meets boy. Boys become friends. Boys fall in love. An LGBTQ+ graphic novel about life, love, and everything that happens in between: this is the third volume of HEARTSTOPPER, for fans of The Art of Being Normal , Holly Bourne and Love, Simon . 'Absolutely delightful. Sweet, romantic, kind. Beautifully paced. I loved this book.' RAINBOW ROWELL, author of Carry On Charlie didn't think Nick could ever like him back, but now they're officially boyfriends. Nick's even found the courage to come out to his mum. But coming out isn't just something that happens once - there's Nick's older brother, and a school trip to Paris, not to mention all the other friends and family - and life can be hard, even with someone who loves you by your side. As their feelings get more serious, Charlie and Nick will need each other more than ever before. Heartstopper is about love, friendship, loyalty and mental illness. It encompasses all the small stories of Nick and Charlie's lives that together make up something larger, which speaks to all of us. 'The queer graphic novel we wished we had at high school.' Gay Times This is the third volume of Heartstopper , which has now been optioned for television by See-Saw Films.

  • A short novella based on the beloved characters from the graphic novel Heartstopper and Alice Oseman''s debut novel Solitaire , which was praised as '' The Catcher in the Rye for the digital age'' by The Times . Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? CHARLIE: ''I have been going out with Nick Nelson for two years. He likes rugby, Formula 1, dogs, the Marvel universe, the sound felt-tips make on paper, rain and drawing on shoes. He also likes me.'' NICK: ''Things me and Charlie Spring do together include: Watch films. Sit in the same room on different laptops. Text each other from different rooms. Make out. Make food. Make drinks. Get drunk. Talk. Argue. Laugh. Maybe we''re kind of boring. But that''s fine with us.'' Everyone knows that Nick and Charlie are the perfect couple - that they''re inseparable. But now Nick is leaving for university, and Charlie will be left behind at Sixth Form. Everyone''s asking if they''re staying together, which is a stupid question - they''re ''Nick and Charlie'' for God''s sake! But as the time to say goodbye gets inevitably closer, both Nick and Charlie question whether their love is strong enough to survive being apart. Or are they delaying the inevitable? Because everyone knows that first loves rarely last forever...

  • Boy meets boy. Boys become friends. Boys fall in love. An LGBTQ+ graphic novel about life, love, and everything that happens in between: this is the second volume of HEARTSTOPPER, for fans of The Art of Being Normal, Holly Bourne and Love, Simon. *Includes exclusive Tara/Darcy story!

  • The third novel from the phenomenally talented Alice Oseman - one of the most talked about YA writers in recent years. For Angel Rahimi life is about one thing: The Ark - a pop-rock trio of teenage boys who are taking the world by storm. Being part of The Ark''s fandom has given her everything she loves - her friend Juliet, her dreams, her place in the world. Jimmy Kaga-Ricci owes everything to The Ark. He''s their frontman - and playing in a band with his mates is all he ever dreamed of doing. But dreams don''t always turn out the way you think and when Jimmy and Angel are unexpectedly thrust together, they find out how strange and surprising facing up to reality can be. A funny, wise, and heartbreakingly true coming of age novel. I Was Born for This is a stunning reflection of modern teenage life, and the power of believing in something - especially yourself.

  • L'année solitaire

    Alice Oseman

    • Nathan
    • 15 Mai 2015

    - Mais t'es qui, toi ?
    Il se fige devant moi et annonce d'une voix caverneuse :
    - Je m'appelle Michael Holden.
    Michael Holden.
    - Et toi, qui es-tu, Victoria Spring ?
    Je ne trouve rien à répondre, parce que c'est précisément ce que je répondrais : rien. Je suis du néant. Du vide. Je ne suis rien.
    Soudain, la voix du proviseur retentit et je me tourne vers le haut-parleur.
    Quand le silence revient, je baisse le regard et la salle est vide. J'ouvre mon poing et dans ma main, il y a le Post-it SOLITAIRE.CO.UK. Je ne sais pas à quel moment il est passé de celle de Michael Holden à la mienne, mais c'est un fait.
    Ça doit être là que tout a commencé.

  • In case you're wondering, this is not a love story.

  • Heartstopper - tome 4 - choses serieuses Nouv.

    Charlie était persuadé que Nick ne partagerait jamais ses sentiments. Pourtant, les voilà officiellement en couple, et Charlie se sent de plus en plus prêt à dire « je t'aime ». Nick partage ses sentiments, mais il a plein de choses en tête, notamment faire son coming-out à son père et les possibles troubles alimentaires de Charlie. Alors que l'été devient automne et que la rentrée approche, Charlie et Nick vont en apprendre beaucoup sur l'amour, le vrai, et tout ce qu'il implique.Heartstopper est un livre qui aborde des sujets forts tel que l'amour, l'amitié, la loyauté, et les maladies mentales. Il réunit les tranches de vie de Charlie et Nick pour créer quelque chose de plus grand, qui peut parler à toutes et tous.